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2017 WWDC Keynote

Apple just spilled the beans, and we will tell you what's next on the Apple Ecosystem. Chances are finally the PostPC ecosystem will be just enough for you. 

It's time to discover that's next

The HPE Discover 2017 starts today, and our podcasters are "on-premises" to get the latest news for you. Let's discover what's next.

How secure is your phone?

We all rely on TouchID or complex-long-to-type passwords but not always are as secure as they claim to be. Let's dismantle the myth


Tech can be fashion but fashion is better with tech. Both can't live by themselves.

Elena Tamez
Fashion & Tech

I can tell you a printer's brand and model by listening it while printing.

Luis Alcaraz
Tech and Mobility 

A good interface is like a joke, it you have to explain it, it's not that good.

Paulina Espinosa
UI, UX and Tech Trends